Wood Flooring Grantham

Engineered wooden floors are a great way to get the feel and look of real hardwood flooring with the added benefits of being highly durable and resistant to the usual weathering. This is due to them being natural products, a layer of solid hardwood over a core of engineered plywood or recycled wood, these floors can last a century or more with the proper care such as deep cleaning or refinishing if needed. You can also do this just to switch up the finish of your floor.


The result of the engineering that goes into this product is it is able to be installed in most interior spaces and on almost any type of sub floor including under floor heating. Wood is a natural insulator, so keeps heat in when it is cold, and keeps the house cool when it is hot. It is also a fibrous material helping absorb sound.

V4 wood floors are engineered which means they have a top layer which is milled from solid hardwood, this layer is bonded to a base layer of a mixture of faster growing timber.


The result is a stable construction which can be installed in most interior spaces and on just about any type of sub floor including over under floor heating.


V4 decided to stop producing purely solid floors on mass because it is wasteful and not a sustainable use of hardwood, and there is no discernible difference between a well engineered floor and a solid floor.

If wood flooring could speak it would have some amazing stories to tell you. At Kersaint Cobb, more than 60 years of sunrises and sunsets go into making our wood floors and with so many specification, colour and finish options on offer you can create a unique natural floor that will grow old with you.

Treat them with love, care and allow the wood to grow old gracefully.


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