Think of a fresh coconut lying on the beach and now imagine bringing this inside your home with our coir range.


The short brown fibres of the coconut husk are soaked, spun and carefully woven into a rustic and charming floor covering that offers a real outdoors feeling under your feet.


Coconut matting from Kersaint Cobb  is a perfect way to protect your floors from unwanted dirt and with six colours available it is stylish, practical and low maintenance.


Sisal carpets are versatile and hardwearing and ideal for living rooms, halls and as a stair carpet. Natural fibres take on vegetable dyes, offering beautiful colour blends or solid tones that will compliment any decorating scheme.


From fine, intricate and extremely tactile sisals to the larger woven chunky sisals, these practical and durable floor coverings offer plenty of exciting choices to create a great new look for your living space.


With antistatic qualities and low maintenance, you can combine natural strength with practicality and elegant style.


Soft and golden, the slender jute fibres love the sun and humid times the monsoon season. This is reflected in its appearance when woven into Kersaint Cobbs gorgeous silky flooring. Jute is delicate and perfect for quieter areas of your home, giving a calm feel, and you can relax knowing it is recyclable and biodegradable.


The pale hues of our seagrass are a natural reflection of the landscape where it’s life begins. It is spun and woven with care into the most natural flooring we offer. With a thin latex backing seagrass will live and breathe in your home and you can admire the colour tone change throughout its life as it ages gracefully.


For even more freshness choose our fine seagrass; the fibres of which are harvested when the plant is much younger providing a more intense green colour.


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